IAPP Certified Training Courses

Delivered in New Zealand by Mosaic, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) training courses are internationally recognised and ANSI/ISO-accredited courses (under ANSI/ISO standard 17024:2012) developed with leading privacy and data protection experts that span legal, regulatory, governance, and operational issues.
Delivered either as instructor-led, face to face classroom or remote online courses, IAPP courses are the only internationally recognised privacy certification programs that focus on building the skills and knowledge essential for privacy professionals to demonstrate competency in specific privacy topics and key laws.

All courses are delivered by Mosaic IAPP certified Instructors, who are importantly also privacy professionals. This allows the instructor to not only guide you through the course topics and prepare you for certification, but importantly provide real-world and New Zealand centric examples to assist applying the learnings to real world scenarios.

Our Courses

Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)
The Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) certification provides privacy and data protection professionals with the tools they need to operationalise privacy and minimise risks to reputation from improper handling of personal data.

The CIPM course teaches a process for conceptualising, designing, building and operating a data privacy management program including creating a company vision for privacy, developing and implementing system frameworks and measuring performance.
Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT)
Data privacy regulations worldwide require privacy protections be built into products and services. IAPP Privacy in Technology training, aligned with the ANSI/ISO-accredited CIPT certification program teaches technology and data professionals how to understand and integrate strategies and techniques to minimise privacy threats.

The curriculum includes privacy-by-design principles; implementing data and process-oriented strategies to support privacy policies; and managing threats from AI, location tracking, etc.
Certified AI Governance Professional (AIGP)
The rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) along with the increase in AI use in general has focused our collective attention on the promises and perils of an AI-fuelled society. The possibilities of advanced AI seem to be unlimited. However, without proper testing, evaluation, validation, and verification at each stage of AI development, foundational AI models could perpetuate biases and amplify other societal challenges that will remain for decades.

To meet this demand, the IAPP has developed the Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional (AIGP) certification to assist professionals to acquire the necessary skills and certifications to support them as AI technologies become integral to business operations.

Mosaic Training

Mosaic’s expertise and pragmatism is demonstrated in our training resources that explain the real-life implications of regulation and conduct. Designed to support regulatory change and extend the knowledge base of our clients, these free resources are designed to support the effective implementation of complex compliance and conduct obligations.

Training Resources

Mosaic takes pride in assisting our clients in achieving their conduct goals. This is accomplished through the utilisation of our team's firsthand experiences and extensive knowledge in financial services, enabling us to provide practical and operationally efficient solutions. The provided card set serves as an illustration of the tailored solutions we collaborate with clients to attain.

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